Dr. Natasha Tozija

Dr. Natasha Tozija graduates at the Dental Faculty in Skopje in 1983. In 1986 she is employed in “Zdravstven Dom”-Skopje as a general dentist in the clinic of the factory FAS “11 Oktomvri”. She executes dental services for the employees and their families in the field of restorative dentistry, parodontology, oral surgery and prosthetics . From 1996 she works in the dental clinic for school and high school children in SEPUS “ Vasil Antevski-Dren”, where she is responsible for the preventive activities ordered by the Ministry of Health , but she also does therapeutic treatments for the children and high school students.
In 2005 she founds the clinic for general dentistry “11 Oktomvri” in the building of “Zdravstven Dom”-Skopje. During her long and fruitful career Dr. Tozija always shows desire for professional upgrading and improving her knowledge and skills. She attends numerous domestic and foreign congresses, symposiums and seminars where she has her presentations.
In order to upgrade her skills and widen her knowledge in the field of endodontics, she goes at the Denal Faculty in Oslo, Norway at the Endodontic Department. After her stay there, she organizes endodontic seminar in Skopje with one of the leading educators from Norway, and it is evaluated as one of the best seminars in our country.
She fluently speaks English.

Dr. Riste Kjandovski

Dr. Riste Kjandovski graduates at the Dental Faculty at the “St. Kiryl and Metodius University in Skopje” in 2009. He finishes hid obligatory six months practice at the University Clinic St. Pantelejmon in Skopje. In 2011 he is employed at the dental clinic “11 Oktomvri “as a general dentist.
He has passed the state exam and has working license. He is a co-author of the poster presentation at BaSS 2014, named “Presentation of Root Canal Treated Teeth with Endo-Express System”. He attends various dental seminars and congresses.
He fluently speaks English.