We do periodical preventive check-ups for our patients, and we advice them how to keep a good oral hygiene as a key factor for a healthy teeth. We also do a plaque removal and tooth scaling with an air flow polisher and an ultrasonic scaler.

We restore decayed teeth and replace the old fillings with new ones with all materials available, depending on the indication and the patient’s wish. We do the drilling with great precaution and almost painlessly, and if the patient wishes, we use local anesthesia. We use the best available materials produced by the world best known manufactory companies for dental materials.

We do root canal treatments in order to save the tooth and keep it for further use in the mouth, instead of pulling it out. The treatments are done using the latest protocols. We use EDS System for instrumentation of the canals.

We do teeth whitening, internal bleaching of darkened teeth, we change the size and the shape of the teeth if their anatomy isn’t satisfying, we do custom made night guards for patients who suffer from tooth grinding (bruxism).

We do preventive activities such as external fluoridation, plaque removal and pit or fissure sealing. We give advices for oral hygiene and proper feeding of the children. We also restore decayed primary or permanent teeth, do endodontic treatments on them if needed with very friendly approach, based on mutual trust and appreciation.

We pool out teeth on children and adults. The procedure is safe and completely painless, with local anesthesia. After the extraction, we treat the wound, and give advices for further feeding and life regime.

We do teeth scaling, deep cleaning of periodontal pockets, treatment of gingivitis, stomatitis, glossitis and other soft tissue disorders. With these treatments we contribute to gym healthiness-they don’t bleed and there is no bad breath from the mouth.

We make highly aesthetic prosthetic devices that compensate lost teeth. We do acrylic dentures, as well as ceramic bridges and crowns. Dentures also known as ‘false teeth’ are acrylic prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth. Dentures can either be full (all teeth on a lower or upper arch) or partial (some teeth). Standard dentures are removable, however, implant-supported dentures can either be clipped in or semi-permanently screwed in. We also make replacement of a broken teeth in order to use the root of the tooth if it is in good condition.

We have x- ray device that performs fast imaging of the teeth in order of achieving faster and easier diagnosis. Our device is modern and safe, with very low levels of radiation.