Why “11 Oktomvri”?

Welcome! We wish you a warm welcome at our dental clinic for general/family dentistry PZU “11 Oktomvri”, where our experienced, kind and highly professional team will take care of you and all the problems you might have concerning your oral health. We treat patients of all ages, and we will offer you and the members of your family the best solution for all the oral health issues, which will be treated with the latest treatment protocols, technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

The teeth are a part of our body!

The teeth are a part of our digestive system, and are the first organ that comes in contact with the ingested food. Their role, together with the tongue, is to smash the food, so it becomes soft and can be swallowed and proceeded to the stomach for further processing.

If the teeth are in bad condition, i.e. if there is a toothache, missing or unstable teeth etc., the food cannot be properly chewed and it goes to the stomach unprepared. Many diseases can occur as a result of not properly chewed food, some of them very severe.

Besides functional, teeth also have an esthetic role. We all know how important it is to have a beautiful smile, and how much it contributes in building self-confidence. Impaired esthetics of the teeth can result with very serious psychological problems, especially during the sensitive and fragile phase that children and adolescents go through.

For this reason people have to take oral care and hygiene very seriously, take preventive measures for their protection, and if decay occurs, fix it promptly. Allowing such serious decay can result in pain, insomnia, swelling, high temperature or other severe impairments of the health. People have always paid great importance to the beauty of their smile and teeth, and they should equally pay great importance of their health.